Scholarship Fund

In the past few years the costs of education have risen sharply in Nepal. In this developing world context, where few job opportunities exist, most families feel forced to send a few members abroad for employment. This is further fracturing the family unit. As education costs increase, access to quality education is far out of reach for those who don’t have family members working abroad. To solve their problem, many college aged kids join the Man-Power trafficking scheme with hopes of going abroad, getting a job and maybe someday earning a degree. The sad reality is that many strip clubs and sweatshops of the world are freshly populated by vulnerable Nepali youth.

We are committed to providing the children in our care with an excellent education. From Pre-school through College each student is given the opportunity to excel to their potential. Your donation to the Scholarship Fund will help us pay for school fees, books and supplies, uniforms, transportation and after school tuition. Your monthly donation will directly combat the injustice of trafficking and help to provide the education necessary for our students.

2017-18 Scholarship Fund: Send a child to school!

Elementary School $30/month
High School $50/month
College $175/month

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