About Us

Empowering women rescued from abuse, neglect, and human trafficking

Guardian Village Handicrafts was born to meet the pressing need of hurting women and children in Nepal.  In 1999 a young American couple moved to Kathmandu and wanted their lives to make a difference.  The goal of their work has been to rescue children and women who have been exploited, abused or abandoned and continues today.  Often the woman and children are victims of sheer poverty.  These innocent victims are put into vulnerable situations by family who, through ignorance or sheer desperation, by forcing them to work as slaves in menial jobs, abandoning them on the streets to beg or becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Guardian Village Handicrafts (GVH) is making a difference in the lives of these Nepali woman and children.  GVH is empowering women to make an honest, respectable living through vocational training and life skill developments.  There are currently over thirty ladies who are trained and equipped to craft the beautiful hand-beaded jewelry and accessories.  GVH pays a "more than fair trade" wage for each item that is produced.  Our crafters are able to earn an income that allows them to properly care for themselves and their families.  Each GVH crafter is given an opportunity to learn to read and write, in addition to learning practical life skills and earning a wage.  Other practical life skill training includes health care, family planning, nutrition and sanitation improving the quality of life and home environment of all crafters.

GVH is more than just a story of empowerment.  The true beauty of GVH is that all of the sale proceeds are returned to benefit the women and children of Nepal.  The Guardian Home was established to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children who have been  discarded by their society.  At the Guardian Home the rescued children are given hope for the future.  They learn to give and receive love in a family environment where they are safe and valued.  Each of the children have the added benefit of receiving a private, high-quality education.